Thursday, September 9, 2010

Physical and Chemical Properties of a Fortune Cookie

object I chose for this blog posting is a fortune cookie. A fortune cookie is made of flour, vanilla, sugar, and oil. 

Physical Properties

1) A fortune cookie is a solid
2) It has a light gold color 
3) Non-malleable
4) Rough Texture
5) Non-soluible

Chemical Properties

1) Flameable 
2) Sweet Taste (tested)
3) When exposed to vanilla coke, the fortune cookie became slimy, and bubbles formed around. 

4) Microwave-  High temperatures turned the fortune cookie turned flat
5) Clorox Bleach-  reacted by turning the outside foamy and blueish. 


  1. wow I didn't think it was possible to burn a fortune cookie, that was pretty cool. When it was added to the vanilla coke I bet it boubled because of the liquid forcing out the pockets of air. I wish you had posted a picture of the microwave expierement, because that would of been really interesting to see all the affects it had.

  2. I think you did some really interesting experiment, one thing you could have done was be a little more descriptive in your findings. Otherwise great project.

  3. Using a fortune cookie was an original idea, and the pictures helped explain the experiments you conducted. When you listed the chemical properties it could have been helpful to list why they were chemical properties as opposed to physical properties. Also, when you changed the chemical properties, like in the coke experiment, you could have explained in a little more detail about why the chemical properties were changed. Example: the cookies flammability is a chemical property because fire caused the fortune cookie to change color and composition.

  4. Will, i think your idea of using a fortune cookie was very unique. i loved that idea especially since i love chinese food. Anyways i didnt know that fortune cookies could/would burn that way. The video (visual) of the cookie burning was a very helpful tool in seeing the chemical reaction occur. i wish you explained or showed another video about the other reactions and why they are considered chemiall reactions. For the microwave experiment was there a specific boiling point that made the fortune cookie "turn flat" that would've been cool to figure out! but overal you did a really good job!

  5. Will, i think using a fortune cookie is very clever. It seemed like nothing special happened but what was expected. It was nice to see you burn a fortune cookie, but you could been a little more descriptive on the chemical properties.

  6. Will, the idea of using a fortune cookies was both innovative and fun. Your pictures really helped walk me throught the process of your experiment. Your video was a nice touch that enabled to comprehend more clearly. A conlusion would have been beneficial in order to hear your final thoughts on your experiment. Your experiment was clever and overall well done.

    Katherine Trent